Dash Dash
Dash Dash
Dash Dash
Dash Dash

For the score to The Incept, we knew immediately that we wanted Angus MacRae to be our music composer. I initially drew inspiration from a handful of classics within the space film genre, ranging from the classical music used in Kubrick’s 2001 to the more recent work of Cliff Martinez and Hans Zimmer. By first gaining inspiration from sci-fi classic film scores, full of melodic motifs and detailed nuances, the score was further filled with contemporary textures, subtle electronics, and analog effects to give the music real depth, warmth and emotional clout. We started the scoring process early on in the process, using the first still frames to record a stripped back piano sketch, basing the structure and evolution of tone on the predefined ‘chapters’. From this point the music and visuals evolved in parallel, first expanding into a fully orchestrated version as the visuals gained more detail, and later completed with the addition of a handful of live musicians for the final recording. By utilizing this process of being able to set the agenda in parallel with the visuals, it ensured the music was deeply woven into the fabric of the project from the start. Our goal was to create a timeless, melodic score that would perfectly compliment the sense of mystery and wonder that was being created visually.

Dash Dash

Director / Lead Designer: Ash Thorp
Designer / Animator: Michael Rigley
Process Reel: Franck Deron
Producer: Monica Thorp
Music Composer / Production / Pianist: Angus MacRae
Mastering and Recording Engineer : Joe Rubel
Cello: Peter Gregson
Voice: Susanna MacRae
Recorded at: Urchin Studios, London

Special Thanks:
Brett Morris & Capacity.  
The entire Adobe family.