Dash Dash

I have always loved space. Since I was a child, I dreamed of traveling to other planets and experiencing space as I witnessed in my childhood book inspirations and movies. Recently, I recalled that childhood admiration for astronomy and wanted to bring the dream of stars and space back to me via CGI.

Epoch is a result of merging my love of design with space and moving imagery. It is a visual exercise intended to communicate that childhood wonder and enjoyment without any commentary. By primarily utilizing visuals and music, it will allow the viewer to experience the passage through their own imagination.

I knew when this project began that this was going to be a somewhat linear journey, from one point to another and beyond. The basic core idea was to shadow the symbolic tale of David and Goliath, where in this film, David = Humanity, and Goliath = space and the unknown. Through similar scale, humanity is such a small presence in this vast universe, and it must overcome many unknown adversities to survive. The great unknown is indeed just that, unknown. It is hard to grasp just how large of a presence humanity must face as the resolve of one unknown only yields a new horizon of unknowns.

Dash Dash
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Dash Dash

I have been a longtime fan of Ben Boysen. He has incredible talent and amazing sensibility for building emotion and tone through his many layers of sonic tonalities. Chris and I first used one of his amazing scores for our other short film, NONE. So after we finished that film, we asked him if he wanted to join us on another adventure into space. Ben loved the concept and agreed to jump onboard with us for Epoch.

Ben was particularly enamored at the time by the incredible sounds of Yair Elazar Glotman, and so he felt it was a perfect piece to explore in collaboration.

On most of my projects, I will generally instruct the focus and goal for the musical direction of the project. However, for Epoch, I allowed Ben and Yair the liberty to create the score entirely on their own, without my due influence. They composed the tone of the score based on their own journey they wanted to present to us all, and it was an incredible honor to have them involved on this film.

If you enjoy the score as much as we do you can get it here for FREE.

Dash Dash

First and foremost, we would like to thank our amazing friends and families for their continuous support through the long nights and weekends, as personal projects like Epoch take tremendous effort and time to construct. Without their love and understanding, these projects would not exist. Therefore, a very special thanks to the Thorp, Boyen, Glotman and Bjerre families. Also, many thanks to our numerous friends and colleagues, especially… Anthony Scott Burns, Raoul Marks, Yambo, Cornelius Dammrich, Rapheal Rau, Kirill Chepizhko, Boris FX, Maxon, Otoy, and NASA.

Design/Production/Direction - Ash Thorp
Design/Production/Direction - Chris Bjerre
Score - Ben Lukas Boysen
Score - Yair Elazar Glotman


Here is list of applications and useful plugins that we used to create Epoch:

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe After Effects
Sapphire plugin for After Effects
Red Giant plugin for After Effects
Maxon Cinema 4D
Octane for Cinema 4D
Autodesk Fusion360
DaVinci Resolve